How Close Can A Hip Tattoo Be To Still Be Considered A Hip Tattoo?

Getting my first tattoo tomorrow afternoon.
I know what im getting, and where; hip area
i know it will be painful, so what is the closest the tattoos can be to each other to still look good and also be considered a “hip tattoo”

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?  on May 16th, 2013

Anywhere around that area is a hip tattoo, lol your question is a little confusing but ill try, if you plan on showing it off or even when your on the beach it is going to look sexy either way, if you plan on getting it on the front like offcenter from your bellybutton that will be the most painful area as the front of the hip bone is right there, if you center it a little more away from the bone it will not be as bad and will still look fine, you can also move it up or down depending on your likes, and what you want it to look like and what you plan on wearing to show it off. Hope this helps!

Meteor Man  on May 16th, 2013

well i suppose by your hip would make it a hip tattoo. from a guys perspective, dont get it too centered or low cuz thats just lame and in my opinion kind of slutty. any tattoo will hurt, a friend of mine got hers basically right on the bone but was fine, i will say this, make sure its either completely showing or not showing at all when your wear a bikini. my friend got it where u can only see half and it basically half faded during the summer when she was at the beach. thats her one regret.

Joel  on May 16th, 2013

Try to draw a visual on how it would look like in the summer if you’re wearing a bikini. Usually you would want it just a little below the strap.

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