Graffiti Tattoo Designs

Graffiti tattoos are a design used to replicate the kind of graffiti found in many towns and cities. It makes use of words, including names of groups and places. This is a unique tattoo style, and one that requires finding the right tattoo artist for the job.

Distinctive Graffiti Tattoo Styles: In any area there are usually distinctive graffiti styles, and tattoos may replicate popular works. However, it can also be generally done in the style of graffiti by those tattoo artists who specialize in this kind of design, using lettering and colouring that would commonly be used in graffiti art.

Graffiti was once seen as vandalism, but now has a much more complex nature. Many graffiti artists have made it into the art galleries, and others are respected simply for the way they show the raw nature of unrestricted, yet risky art. Even if you do not draw graffiti yourself, it can still make a popular tattoo design.

There is inspiration for graffiti tattoos in almost every town and city. Different words and tags can be seen on bridges, on walls and on buildings. For inspiration it’s best to go out on the street, though any tattoo artists familiar in the style will also be able to direct you on how you might style the graffiti.

There are now even books full of graffiti art, and you may choose to replicate famous works instead of using your own style. These tattoos are popularly placed across the forearm or on shoulders.