Flag Tattoo Designs

Flag tattoos have strong meaning and are popular with those in the military as well as those with a strong connection to their culture. They can often be used to shock, and are an extremely powerful design.

Military Designs: Military tattoos using flags are meant to show loyalty to their unit as well as the country. Those in the military may also choose to get flag tattoo designs alongside a memorial or tribute to friends they have lost.

Patriotism: The most popular reason that someone will get a flag tattoo is to show patriotism. At times, many people who have moved to another country will get a flag tattoo of that country to show they are loyal even though they may not have been born there.

The most common areas to have a flag tattoo are the back, the chest, the back of the neck and on the arm. They are generally large, and often accompanied but other images such as eagles. However, they can also be more discreet in areas such as the wrist and the foot. The flag may be designed to be flying or simply displayed. It may even be combined with the flag of another country.

The American Flag: This is an extremely popular tattoo design, but one that comes in many different forms. The flag itself has changed a number of times since 1777. There are military versions of the flag, flags with different amounts of stars and even artistic versions of the flag.