Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairy tattoos are some of the most popular designs with women, due to their natural beauty. Not only this, but they have huge meaning in terms of symbolism and different cultures.

Fairy Symbolism: Traditional fairies come with a whole history of meaning and legend. They were not seen as nice characters, but were rather known as mischievous spirits of nature. Fairies often had two sides to them, playing tricks and wreaking havoc when they choose. However, they were also known to bestow gifts when treated kindly, and as such have two sides to their personality.

Fairy Tattoo Designs: Fairies are often depicted with wings, matching a butterfly or a moth. They are a lot more sensual than angels, great for those who wish to show their mischievous personality. Choosing certain designs mean that a whole range of emotions can be portrayed, including sadness, joy, beauty and more.

Fairy tattoos are often combined with a number of other images. Since fairies have an important place in Celtic history, they work well with other Celtic symbols. The fairy themselves may also be designed to blend with more popular Celtic designs.

Fairy tattoos are often small and discreet, where larger versions will be combined with images such as butterflies or flowers. The most popular areas of the body for a fairy design are the stomach, the lower back, the hips and around the foot they can be as discreet or as obvious as you want them to be.