Face Tattoo Designs

The face is one of the most visible and shocking areas to have a tattoo. Getting a face tattoo is a huge decision, and can have many repercussions for the wearer in the future. This is a tattoo that can never be covered, and as such severely limits job prospects. Not only this, but the face tattoo also comes with a certain stigma that other tattoos no longer bear.

However, if you are sure about your career and direction in life, a face tattoo could be a good way to show your unique sense of style. The neck is also a highly visible area that’s been growing in popularity in recent years.

Many tattoo artists won’t even perform face tattoos. If they do, they’ll take time to make sure you’re absolutely sure about your decision. No tattoo artists wants you to regret the tattoo they’ve taken so long to get right!

The Popularity of Face Tattoos: Tattoos on the face have become more popular, in part, due to the role of celebrities. Those with artistic and creative careers want to display this through the art that tattooing provides and celebrities don;t need to worry about the potential job implications of a face tattoo.

Face Tattoo Designs:
When it comes to face tattoos, you aren’t limited in your choice of design. Some go for full face designs, where others will simply choose makeup permanently tattooed on the face.

Permanent Makeup: Permanent makeup is a popular option for those who wish to replace their eyebrows as well as disguising scars on the face. These tattoo options are usually less obvious and less controversial than tattoo designs or full face tattoos.