Demon Tattoo Designs

Demon tattoos are a relatively common design, not necessarily simply representing evil. They are a great way of showing a power beyond human beings, and as such have been popular throughout the history of tattooing.

Demon Symbolism: The demon design is rich in its history and symbolism. The ancient Greeks used demons as a way of representing divine power and divinity, and the images have been used for centuries when it comes to conflicts between good and evil. They were not necessarily used to represent evil, just spirits in general. However, they are now often used as a way of representing evil spirits.

If you are considering a demon tattoo then it will not necessary have to have negative connotations. It is a great way to symbolise the struggle between good and evil, or even as a way to show off your mischievous nature.

Satan: This is the most famous demon of the Christian religion, expelled from heaven to become ruler of other spirits. Satan is commonly pictured on a number of tattoo designs, including realistic images including the full body, silhouettes, faces and even tribal versions of the image.

Japanese Demons: These are also a popular form of demon, and they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These have a unique look, and can make great tattoos for those looking forĀ  something a little different. There are a variety of Japanese demons representing both good and evil, including forms of animals, shape-shifters, monsters and more.