Celebrity Tattoo Designs

There are two main types of celebrity tattoos: Those that seek to replicate famous tattoo designs of iconic stars, and those that want to put a likeness of the celebrity themselves onto their body.

Types of Celebrity Tattoos: Celebrity tattoos come in a number of different forms, replicating the designs of musicians, actors, athletes and more. Tattoos are a popular trend amongst celebrities, who look for a unique way to show off their style. As such, their tattoo designs are often complex, exciting and very visible – making it a lot easier to find pictures of your favourite celebrity with tattoos exposed!

If you want to replicate the design of your favourite celebrity then it helps to try and find out a little of their motivation behind the tattoo design and whether it would suit you. It also helps to think carefully about any alterations you could make, and whether the size and location of the tattoo would be suitable for you.

Likeness Tattoos: Getting a celebrity tattoo in the likeness of a star is a big commitment, and popular with the biggest of fans. These are often done in memorial to a celebrity who has died, as a way of celebrating their life and impact on the world. You may choose to get a tattoo of a musician alongside a favourite lyric of yours, or perhaps a celebrity alongside their date of death. These tattoos can also be combined with a symbol or image that has specific personal meaning to you.

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