Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoos are now one of the most popular designs available. Butterflies themselves have always been viewed with awe, having a place as far back as ancient Greece. Due to their obvious beauty, butterflies are popularly used in women’s tattoos. However, they also have deep symbolic meaning.

Powerful Symbolism: Butterflies symbolise change perfectly. In nature, they start out as ugly caterpillars and transform into beautiful creatures. In this way, butterflies are also used to represent death and rebirth. Many people will choose a butterfly after going through difficult periods of upheaval in their lives, showing that they have come out stronger and more beautiful. Greek mythology also states that this transformation symbolises the suffering of the human soul.

Butterfly Designs: There are thousands of different types of butterflies, all ranging in colour and size. There are also thousands of differently patterned moths, which are also popular as tattoo designs. Due to this variety, it comes as no surprise that butterflies are one of the most popular tattoos. They are often used as discreet designs, but can be expanded into stunning, larger pieces.

The open winged version of the butterfly tattoo is most popular, though it’s also common for people to get closed winged versions as a way of representing a butterfly sitting on areas of the body such as the shoulder.

The options are endless, where realistic designs are common, as well as tribal butterflies, cartoon versions, butterfly eyes and more.